Tuesday, November 6, 2007

We gort our own bloggy blog.

Hello everyone. We got one now. Okay for those doggies that don't know us. We are Dante and Leo and our Mom is Maggie Rose. Our dad Is a blonde Yorkie named Chesney. We went to see the doggy Dr. today and they put this stuff in our mouths and then poked us with a pokey thing. then we gots our ears cleaned and then the vet went and felt our boy bits. Not even dinner first, and to top it off his hands were cold. We were not happy about that so we both took a poop on their floor. Nana said that was an extra cost because they wanted to check our poop for stuff. Apparently Nana had to pay for them to take our poop. We don't think it smelled that bad. Anyway Nana took us in our cool double decker stroller. But she put Mom in the top part because We have to be separated right now. mom is in heat and nana doesn't want any oopsies.