Sunday, December 2, 2007

We had a visitor.

Hello every doggies and Girl Girl, Nana has been busy but we finally got her to update our blog. Our brother Thor Now Known as JT came to visit with us and we had so much fun running around the basement. it was like old times. Nana and Pop bought us this humongous bed at the pet expo. and some of the pics are from Pops camera, that he finally got developed. Mom taught Dante really well on how to jump in Anty Willows face to irritate her. It worked. Nana got Pop to take some pics of her with all of us but she had to do it one at a time cuz she can't hold 4 squirmy dogs. nana weighed us when JT was here and Dante used to be the smallest and now he is a fatso at 7.5 LBS. JT weighs 7 lbs. I only weigh 5 lbs. mom and Dante got to be in the same pic with Nana cuz she says they look alot alike. Me I am the cute one. Oh and that guy holding JT is his new Daddy. His name is James so he named JT after him. I guess so he could remember it easy. I am still trying to figure out why Nana keeps saying to lick our boy bits as much as we want now because they are gonna be gone on the 10th which is in 8 more days. i really don't understand what are boy bits and just where the heck are they going. Oh an d13 more days and I get to see my sweet Sonya, and Mizz Melody. Dante likes the older girls like Melody's older sister Summer oh and Samira she ia a Biewer. Well gotta go before Dante comes and sees I called him a fatso.

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Ruby Bleu said...

Hey Boys...
What great pictures. Good luck w/ that whole boy bit thing...I know you will be fine!!

Lots of Licks, Ruby