Saturday, January 12, 2008

New ride!!!!!

Hello again, Sorry we haven't posted since christmas but we have been enjoying all the goodies we got. Plus we are still you and get distracted easily. Okee Dokely, So the update at our house is this. Moms friend had pups 2 girls and 1 boy. Personally we think they should have all been boys. Nana is going to see them on the15th. We have already warned her that she has to wait until the summer to even think about getting another one. But she did get a new car. And the bestest thing is , there is loads of room for us and mom and even another eventually. Nana is making us a seat for the car and she might make mom a new seat too. So anyway we need advice from all you doggies out there who get left at home and their hoomas are gone for long periods of time. Then they come back and don't unnerstand why we must smell then. Hey we want to know if our Nana is cheating on us with other canines. I mean does she really think we won't find out that she's been with another dog or dogs? Plus We like to know where she's been. Any and all advice will be helpful.

Okay now back to the pics of the car there is the front view, and the front seat view with a wolf that has gone in each car Nana has had since 2000, the next one is where the Yorkies sit, so that we each get a prime window seat. That is Mom's car seat in the pic. Nana says she might use that one for Leo cuz he's the smallest. The next pic is the back storage area. Those cases are for Nana's job she does . She goes to all these different retail stores and does inventory. She also window shops. And the las pic is of the back of the vehicle. Nana has her own plate . We can hardly wait to go for a ride in the new car. Oh and it is a 2006 Chevy HHR Nana says that she got the 2006 instead of the 2008 because they don't make the newer ones in the purple anymore. Stay tunes for more Yorkie breaking news from the Smoochie Boys.


Ume said...

dats a bootiful car!

u boys can now look forward to lotsa car rides with your Mom & Nana!

Anonymous said...

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