Monday, June 16, 2008

Big Doofus!

Ugh the Doofus is back. I thought for sure he was gone for good. Not that I don't like him , I do but sometimes he forgets he is way bigger than me. Like on wednesday Nana came home from work sick and she let us downstairs and that big doofus bodyslams me into the door. Oh man did it hurt like h***. Just imagine 10.5lbs coming at you down some stairs and smashes you into the door. Nana got some metacam from the vet for the pain nothing got broke. and I was doing great by friday so I kicked his a**. Now mind you I weigh 6.5lbs. so it's true about the bigger they are the harder they fall. Then yesterday Nana decided we needed Baths. I admit I used to hate baths and would whine the entire time, but now I love it because it gives me some alone time with Nana and no Dofusses or Moms.

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