Saturday, April 26, 2008

Our new little sister

Hey, we wanted to tell you about our new little sister. Right now she is just 3 weeks old and she won't be coming to live with us until sometime in June. Nana is going to see her next Saturday. She lives in Indiana right now with her Mom and her two birth brothers. Soon she will have me and Leo for brothers. And our Mom will be her new Mom too. Nana has already picked a name out for her, well she picked it out before she was even born. Guess Nana knew she was goong to be a girl. Her name is Friday. Her full name is "My Gal Friday of Heritage Hill" Nana says she's gonna be a show dog. I think that is like the doggie version of a model. I wanted to be a show dog but Nana says I am too big. And I don't have papers. Now I know it's the doggie version of a model. Sheesh you have to be a certain size and weight and Blah blah blah. Whatever! Anyway in More recent news. Leonardo Davinchi has been selected for Obedience class. Sources say he is unruly and likes to instigate fights. Not to mention He thinks he can get away with anything because of his looks. Me on the other hand well I may be getting a chance at doing Rally competitions. After Nana teaches me the basics. That all for now We will see you when we have more breaking news.

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