Saturday, April 19, 2008


We're getting a new sister. Nana says she is going to be smaller than Leo when she comes home so we can't rough house with her til she gets bigger. Nana says she is going to show her. Wonder what she's gonna show her. Ooooh maybe she's gonna show her the pic of Leo in a dress. Hehe. Maybe having Friday here will keep Mom from picking on us boys so much. Anyway I get to go see Anty Sue today. Nana says they are gonna try to figure out what to do with my hair on my head. Nana says that she don't want to put bows on us boys, but she doesn't want it too short. Then I get to see where Nana works.Oh and I get to try out the carseat that Nana designed and made. I love my Nana .

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Joe Stains said...

what about some mohawks??? That sounds cool to me!!